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Guangzhou Union Steel Buildings Co.,Ltd.

Address:Entire Lv2, Bldg 7, No.1 Dashadi West,HuangPu District, Guangzhou,Guangdong Province, P.R. China

Contacts:MR.Tao 0086 186 6560 1216

EMAIL:    Job_tao@www.liansuoxiaoshou88.com

Server:400 116 8898

Tel:0086 20 6231 5925

FAX:0086 20 6231 5965

Guangzhou Union Steel Buildings Nansha Branch

Address:Yushan IndustrialPark Dagang Town Nansha District Guangzhou City 

Contacts:MR. Liu 0086 138 2219 0313

Phone:0086 20 3498 6398

FAX:0086 20 3498 6398

Guangzhou Union Steel Buildings Chongqing Branch

Address: G2-3-2,No.18 Shipincheng Road,Yubei Chongqing

Contacts:Yong Chen

Phone:0086 18602343695


Guangzhou Union Steel Buildings Australia Branch

Address: PO Box 996 Elanora, QLD 4221 Australia

Contacts:Chris Lynch

Phone:+61 4 8112 6864


To join the Union Steel Buildings 

You Will Have:

* Competitive salary 

* Generous benefits

* Participate in the well-known project

* Occupation training system

* Fair occupation promotion mechanism

* Open corporate culture…


Scan WeChat QR code, focus on the USB‘s WeChat  public platform,learn about the latest information about Union Steel Buildings.

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